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Welcome to `The Best of Morocco`, a gallery showcasing images of Morocco, captured during a trip in October 2013.

Every corner of the country offers unforgettable experiences. Its friendly people, diverse culture, amazing architecture and spectacular landscapes, simply leave you mesmerized. And the opportunity to capture some of the experiences through the camera is incredible and endless.

Here in this gallery are a set of favourites. Several impressionist images are also included, offering painterly expressions of what was seen or felt from behind the lens. (All impressionist images are as-shot through the camera. Effect has not been achieved with any image processing or manipulation software.)
Sunset over the SaharaCity lights of FezIn their shadowOld kasbah #1VeiledAwaiting sunsetLong road homeDancer #1Dancer #2Dunes #1Dunes #2Wise menOld alleywayDoors #1Doors #2Ceramic and marbleOh dear!The groundskeeperHoly menDunes #3